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Amatsu Therapy Helped Stella, It Can Help You Too!

Recently we heard some great news from one of our clients – Stella Plant. After having Amatsu Therapy treatments, the pain she was once having in her shoulder and down her arm have reduced and she is now able to get on with normal day to day life (free of hassle and pain).

Here is what Stella said:


“After months of pain that went across the back of my left shoulder and down my arm, not being able to dress without pain and help, I am finally seeing a great improvement in both movement and pain levels. The doctor gave me anti depressants to relax the nerves and said if they didn’t work I would need to go on steroids. They made me feel really strange and didn’t have any affect on the pain. As I really didn’t want to go on steroids I just continued to put up with the pain. I began to think I would have to put up with it forever and everything I had planned for Christmas would be ruined by the pain and the lack of ability to use my left arm. Fortunately for me, I saw Stephans advert for Amatsu and decided to give it a try. He’s got me moving again, the pain across the back of the shoulder went with the first treatment and I got some movement back in shoulder and arm. The second treatment saw the last of the pain down my arm and even more movement in my shoulder. I can dress myself now and I am looking forward to Christmas. I can really recommend Stephan and the Amatsu treatment.”


If you suffer with any physical pain, please get in touch! Through Amatsu, you can empower your body to heal itself.

To book a consultation phone 02921 080848

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